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3D printing subvert toothbrush, brushing their teeth in 6 seconds

Date:2016-07-07 Hits:301
3D printing subvert toothbrush, brushing their teeth in 6 seconds
In conventional toothbrush ad, they brag about what kind of products with materials and techniques, and how to more thoroughly clean the teeth. But how to ensure that everyone could brushing effect is the same with these same lines produce something? Some foreign media statistics, the average person in an average of about 4 minutes brushing time, brushing because some people in the wrong way and did not achieve good cleaning results. In this case, highly customized "toothbrush" will bring change. Blizzident recently designed a new type of "toothbrush", it is completely based on the user's customized tooth structure, cleaning can be completed within 6 seconds. This "toothbrush" is actually printed out by the 3D "mouthguard", made of plastic and 400 fur constituted. Fur rendering tapered structure according to the user's teeth, gums clean at 45 degrees, there are gaps between the teeth.

It's very simple to use, the user simply bring this highly customizable "toothbrush" into his mouth, the teeth at a relatively fast frequency upper and lower sheets together. For brush the tongue of the people, they only need to withstand the top "toothbrush", the stirring back and forth a couple of buttons. How to get such a special "toothbrush" mean? Before customization, the user must first dentist to get their teeth a mold, put it for 3D modeling, and transmitted to the server Blizzident inside. According to the company the opportunity to quickly put this material "toothbrush" by 3D printing technology to customize it. Designers said that such a "toothbrush" soft bristle toothbrush amount is 10 times the normal, about a year or so may be used. Its effect is equivalent to 6 seconds of an ordinary toothbrush cleaning for 3 minutes, and some of the brush more thoroughly.

Regrettably, this "toothbrush" the price up to 122 pounds, from the "mass consumption" is still some distance.