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3D printing toy garbage bags made grass skirts

Date:2016-07-11 Hits:300
3D printing toy garbage bags made grass skirts
3D printing, fruit carving, original prints ...... Yesterday, the 2016 primary and secondary students in Chongqing art activities in Elementary School kicked off.

"This material is PLA is made of corn starch." Yesterday afternoon, the jade mountain grade 46 classes Pingyu Ze standing in front of a 3d printer, the students introduced her to the works of 3D printing. Pingyu Ze print is a small whale, there are two fist-sized volume. You can see from the 3D printer, the printing is completed away from there for half an hour. Aside 3D printer is a roll of plastic items like silk, printed with the click, click sound, but also a steady stream of silk to the 3D printer.

Pingyu Ze introduced the principle of 3D printer is similar to this "plastic wire" of the PLA material to the printer, melt accumulation remodeling.

The launching ceremony, grade 3 kids paint faces painted, wearing grass skirts, head wearing national wind braids and feathers, like a group of indigenous people from African tribes.

Grade 37 classes rain wearing a red grass skirt, red head coarse thread woven wig, colorful necklace around his neck, "This is what I do with my parents, to prepare for a week." Said the rain that his grass skirt with a red garbage bags do, a share of more than a hundred bags, each one needs knitting. The necklace on the neck of the root with dozens of plastic straws wear.