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Dream design, Xinjiang youth went to Shenzhen MINGDA seeking for 3D printers

Date:2016-07-12 Hits:327
Dream design, Xinjiang youth went to Shenzhen MINGDA seeking for 3D printers
3D Printing Technology is increasingly used in various fields of industrial design, aerospace, medical, military and so on; as small a ring, a rose, as large aerospace components used to, 3D printing technology is to traditional manufacturing bring disruptive change. In the environment of 3D printing, a young designer is concerned about the economic dynamic 3D printing industry!

Mr. Qi from Xinjiang is a young designer, has a tremendous enthusiasm and passion. Because of work requirements and his own interest, he has been concerned about 3D printing industry, also earnestly hope that they have a 3d printer to quickly achieve their design. After consultation with the company, Mr. Qi ready to find the right 3D printer.

At a distance of over 4000 km from Shihezi to Shenzhen, Mr. Qi come to MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. to find a long time favorite 3D printer. When he arrived MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd., he saw the mass production testing with mingda 3d printer and test machine. But also understand that this is a company with 8 years experience in research and production 3D printer company, is the pioneer and leader of China in the field of 3D printing. He felt very satisfied, he understanding of 3D printers is the seamless integration of the metal body , the support structure of the double lead screw, linear guides and thick hot bed, etc. These internal and external structure of the machine safety stable, fully able to achieve high-precision printing. The results of field trips make their choice for 3D printers have more confidence, showing a worthwhile trip! The first thing is Huijiang after reporting to the company to ordered a MINGDA Glitar 6C 3D printer!

 3D printing technology will bring the industry changes. In the manufacturing sector, the manufacturing cost of the product will be substantially reduced; at a reasonable economic considerations, 3D printing can provide more and more personal choice than traditional manufacturing. Mr. Qi excellent designers also want to be like this, in the face of 3D printing in full swing, as soon as possible with the right 3D printer!