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MINGDA 3D printer print enzyme bottle

Date:2016-07-13 Hits:321
MINGDA 3D printer print enzyme bottle

3D print of the invention and widespread use, creating a "third technological revolution" of the new generation, but also for all walks of life brings a wealth of innovative elements.

Today, more and more people focus on health, the health of the high popularity of the enzyme, but also a boom in "enzyme containers" business. In a large supermarket, a person in charge of store brand crisper presentation, the store has a large crisper specially designed for the production of enzymes, the price of nearly hundred dollars, very popular, often out of stock. In this store, you can see stack several such boxes, there is also being produced in the enzyme material. They also help customers make the original enzyme, in order to promote sales crisper.

The enzyme produced no ordinary glass bottle, take a look at the MINGDA enzymes 3D printing bottle. Seemingly ordinary bottles, in fact, there are things around. This enzyme bottle altogether divided into four parts to complete the print combinations. According to the particularity of the production of enzymes, caps leave pores, keeping exhaust smooth, there are two sets of intermediate drain sieve-like sandwich, convenient filter. There is such a simple and practical artifact, enzyme production is not easy to worry a lot of it?

In parts production is completely dependent on machine production line in modern society, the emergence of 3d printers redefine the mode of production belong to this era, any complex shape design and functionality can be configured by the 3D printer to achieve. For the purposes of traditional industries, 3D printing technology is redefining the concept in another industry. Future, MINGDA also insists on quality development strategies, brand influence, with more innovative, exquisite technology silently change the world!