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3d printing will also bring disruptive on LED industry

Date:2016-07-20 Hits:304
3d printing  will also bring disruptive on LED industry

A notable characteristic of 3D printing is to replace the open-products of this lengthy process, and therefore can help individuals get rid of foundries and designers traders these two roles, reduce product design and manufacturing costs as well as the threshold. Before this technology is applied, there are design ideas ordinary people can only make design largely remain in the idea stage, there is little opportunity to become physical. And after 3D printing and 3D printing more mature outsourcing platform a "self-employed" as long as they can design a digital modeling, it is possible to get through outsourcing platform has been post-processing design finished in a few weeks.

Of course, the existing 3D printing technology, especially the desktop-class technology, to the extent not omnipotent, but it is also to comply with Moore's Law, I believe that in the next 5-10 years, 3D printing technology will be a huge breakthrough.