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3D printing allows arbitrary Interior Design

Date:2016-07-26 Hits:279
3D printing allows arbitrary Interior Design
3D printing technology is booming, one important field of application is the architectural design. I believe we are not unfamiliar, many home design brands will 3D printing technology into the design, the technology allows more design freedom and more creativity. Personalization is the future trend of home decoration industry, after all, everyone wants to have their own unique cozy nest, rather than waking apartment.

3D design allows the interior design of becoming predictable, 3D design software can be used for spatial distribution modeling, structural design, and through a more three-dimensional fashion to the customer. The design process, customers can fully own ideas into one. The designer can also be ideas presented in 3D in advance, which would also facilitate the pros and cons of which customers will more clearly explain to customers. Guangdong make an interior customers are very predictable see this, buy from mingda 3d printer to print interior structure of the sample, the customer site to see the print samples, thus greatly shortening the period increased volume.

3D printing can play a role in the creative home that manufacture, such as some hard to put down the corners of conventional furniture. This technology can creative designers to maximize both aesthetics and not only personal, but also make full use of every space to design more humane.