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In this Summer, Make your own 3D printing fan!

Date:2016-07-27 Hits:287
In this Summer, Make your own 3D printing fan!
The summer in Shenzhen China is very hot, if put the eggs on the street, it can be baked. the only way is just use air conditioning?  Of course not, Air conditioners are blowing air conditioning blowing the whole sick, and air circulation is not good, it is better to use a 3D printing fan , it’s not only relieving summer heat but also creating our life.

"I love this night fog, love song of the nightingale, but also love that dream of flowers, tuberose embraced, kissed tuberose, tuberose I sing for you ......" Listen old Shanghai gramophone old songs, again an aromatic tea, coupled with high force grid 3D printing fan, is not a kind of different feelings linger in?

Brown base with white blades, retro style look to distribute to the extreme, restrained color, quite old Shanghai phonograph shadow. The rear 3D printing fan we can see a different hand sizes and four gear handle, shake the handle, four gears, drive the blades rotate oncoming breeze whistling.