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These pits 3D printer, you fall into it?

Date:2016-08-01 Hits:301
These pits 3D printer, you fall into it?

It should be stressed that the printing process can not move your hands away from being a nozzle, if the model diagram prints the top cut has a positive tumors, the next print will increase the volume repeat cut, accumulated to a certain extent it will block the movement of the nozzle , which will cause the motor to lose steps misplaced. Finally, if the above can not solve the problem of dislocation, it may be the motherboard problem, the proposed replacement of the motherboard try.

        Q: 3D printer stepper motor step how to do?

        A: stepper motor step-out is also very common type of behavior, wait a few hours to print the outcome, the result was cut down the middle into two sections. In fact, G-code which thousands of instructions, as long as one instruction causes the motor out of step, the whole piece come to naught. Generation of a step of the simple reason that Ma Dacheng can not stand the work force required, can enhance the power of the motor, or reduce the load on the motor.

        Of course, if that is too complex to strengthen the motor, we can reduce the load of the motor, there are many methods: Relax the tightness of the belt, because the belt is too tight, it will increase the motor shaft and idler friction; reduce the weight of the motor. Print print tray with glass floor platform is the main source of the Y-axis load weight. In addition, you can reduce the printing speed and acceleration of the motor reduced pressure.

        Q: How to reduce material consumption 3D printing?

        A: It is undeniable that the current 3D printing costs remain high, and higher-quality printing supplies good prices, leading to higher price of the final model. In fact, we can use some of the techniques in model design, reduce material 3D printing to reduce costs.

        Hollow design. One advantage of 3D printing is the ability to easily make a hollow effect, saving more than the cost and more environmentally friendly, less material usage. If your model is more heavy and solid design, made of hollow will try to reduce most of the cost. In addition, the ratio is also scaled down design an effective method, but also reduce the cost of printing the most efficient way. Of course, pay attention to the smallest tolerance value of the chosen material, design and size of real goods.

        It should be noted that the hollow area needs more than 2mm, otherwise it is impossible to achieve the effect of reducing costs, when you choose a low-cost hollow structure, will give up solid solid structure. The surface of the hollow structure may cause the model easily broken, good product weight range calculated in advance, to ensure that the main support portion can be strong enough to support the entire structure. In addition, a minimum wall thickness of the material can also support range.