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If Filament broking during 3D printing ,How should we do?

Date:2016-08-03 Hits:314
If  Filament broking during 3D printing ,How should we do?

After the 3D printer machine printing is started, the wire material in superimposed layers forming a platform on the process for the constant motion of Plarform and nozzle. If filament breakage occurs during printing, printing can not be completed normally, the wire can not be timely supply of materials on the necessity of ending the print head re-started. So what causes filament breakage occurs while printing? below is the Analysis of results:

(1) printed material Problems
        After FDM rapid prototyping machine materials need to be heated and melted, and then extruded from the nozzle feed wire bonded to the work surface. Different materials temperature strength is not the same, but different 3d printer nozzle heating temperature is different, so to choose a suitable 3D printing material according to device performance. If the poor quality of materials used in the case of broken wires will occur.

(2) the problem of nozzle
        3D printer nozzle clogging problems can also occur, in which case it will not work out the wire. There is a quality nozzle used to cause the damage, but can not spinning off, or is not conducive to interior design unreasonable silk (This phenomenon generally do not happen).

(3) high temperature
        3D printer is quite a long time now, and in this process the temperature will increase, if the device is not equipped with a good heat sink, because the nozzle can easily lead to overheating filament breaks.
        If the initial set temperature or high or low can also be adjusted directly on the printer display.