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How to solve the 3D printer impeded discharge in the case of non-plug

Date:2016-08-04 Hits:296
How to solve the 3D printer impeded discharge in the case of non-plug

When you find your 3d printer manually squeezed material is very smooth, but the print head when the material is not smooth, it should consider the following aspects.

1. feeder bearing (with wheel) too loose or too tight, maintenance methods: (1) adjusting the spring force feeder, adjust screw can be adjusted directly with screws (2) If that does not adjust the feeder, adjust the screw feeder.

2. feed off betamethasone turbine repair method: Jimi feed wheel tightening, the feed wheel fixed

3. The feed motor cable connection is bad, repair method: (1) Check the motherboard upper feed motor harness loose thread (2) If you re-press line can not solve the problem, you need to replace the motor line

4. Conduit serious wear white buckle not lock wire repair method: Replace the pipe conduit, the conduit lower if the length of the permit, the knife can be a serious part of the conduit wear off, the incision should be flat.

5. throat tightening or without fracture repair: After the completion of the preheating pipe ends to check whether the tightening, pay attention to reverse efforts. Check whether there is overflow pipe ends. If there is an overflow phenomenon can first try to tighten. If found to have been unable to tighten (similar slip teeth), shall Niuchu check. Typically pipe fracture can not tighten; Analyzing pipes broken part can Niuchu without damaging other parts according to the actual situation. If you can not remove, the corresponding parts are to be replaced with.

6. material reasons, some PLA / ABS material due to impurities and other factors may cause the wire is not normal, maintenance: replace the material.