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Essentials: How novice increase the success rate of 3D printing?

Date:2016-08-05 Hits:303
Essentials: How novice increase the success rate of 3D printing?

For some novice,  when using the 3d printer to print often occur a variety of problems, resulting in the model fails to print or ineffective, mainly unskilled or operation of equipment. In order to let everyone detours, improve the success rate of print. there summarize the following considerations:

1. Remember that 45-degree rule

   Anything over 45 degrees projection requires additional support material or clever modeling techniques to model complete printing, design your own support or link objects (cones or other supporting material) and places them into the design your model.

2. Try to design their own print base
    Try to avoid the use of support materials in the design, although support with algorithms over time has been in progress, but the support material still left after removing the ugly mark on the model, and the removal process will be very time consuming. Try to design your model without the help of the support material, it can be directly 3D printing.

3. To understand the details of your model

    Is there some small part because of projections or too small to use desktop 3d printer? In your printer, there is a very important but often overlooked variable that is line width. Width printer nozzle diameter is determined, most printers have a diameter of 0.4mm or 0.5mm nozzle. In fact, 3D printer drawn circle, will be twice the size of the line width. For example: a 0.4mm nozzle painted circle minimum diameter of 0.8mm, and 0.5mm nozzle painted minimum diameter is 1mm.

4. The direction of the source of the pressure adjustment print

   When the force applied to the model, we want to keep the model will not be destroyed. Make sure you print directions to reduce stress concentration in some areas, we can adjust the print direction perpendicular to the print line at a stress is applied. The same principle can also be applied on the model used to print large ABS resin, during printing, these models may be due in large print stage cooling of relations split along the Z-axis direction.

5. Adjust the print direction in order to best accuracy

   Always with the best resolution direction as the model orientation. If necessary, the model can be cut into several blocks to print, and then re-assembled.