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Best partner for designers, 3D printers

Date:2016-08-10 Hits:302
Best partner for designers, 3D printers

With the improvement of people's quality of life, no longer limited to the pursuit of human food and clothing, but need more force grid creative products to make life more colorful. Therefore, the number of designers also will be more substantial. Then how many the global designer currently?

Boston Consulting data show that the global design industry engaged in full-time designers about 9,000 people, of which 28% of product designers, construction 6%, 5% industrial, 16% of clothing ... China, the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy, the designer the number of the top five countries. Interestingly, more and more designers have begun buying 3d printers aided design work.

This means that even a conservative estimate, there are over 50 million worldwide designers need 3D printer. There is no doubt that a huge number, we have to rediscover growth timber molding technology. 3D printer is called the design artifact, what designers What help?

Designer is the world's most creative professional needs, personalize the most urgent, but given the limitations of traditional processing industry technology, many highly conceptual design belly stillbirth. Now, 3D printingin the manufacture of sophisticated styles and models, provides a reliable way to get inspiration for designers push the boundaries, the advantages of high efficiency and innovation, making it a modern designer's "best partner."

Designers just need to focus exclusively on the design crafted, the remaining things to 3D printer to complete. In the past need to be considered out of the mold, the manufacturing process, the number of those directly related to costs, now in 3D printing is simple and straightforward, open from draft design to the finished product channel, and repeated modifications and sampling process than past costs are much lower, pursuit of design to achieve the ultimate.

For example, an arts and crafts designers use the 3D print-aided design models of Buddha, then he simply press the print button you can print 3D prototype, without human or machine engraving, confirm shortened cycle! 3D printing can be difficult manufacturing problems solved complex structures, more precise detail.

The use of 3D printing technology, we can put the past two weeks, one month or even longer to confirm a few days to sample the modification is completed, richer detail, making the design more color. Full speed up the product launch process and thus bring benefits to businesses and individuals. 3D printer, the designer's best partner.

Undoubtedly, 3D printing will increasingly be applied to all sectors of the design and development work in order to bring a personalized creation, traits of rendering means, and to some extent, bring to a wider designers creative space. In the future, perhaps every designer should have to own a 3D printer to create their own brand, leading to a better life of creative products.