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Hunan Railway Vocational and Technical College: 3D printing bionic skeleton before surgery diagnostic model

Date:2016-08-17 Hits:340
Hunan Railway Vocational and Technical College: 3D printing bionic skeleton before surgery diagnostic model
"In the past, doctors to determine the plane CT slices of bone lesions, combined with experience in surgical planning. Now preoperative 3D printing technology to produce bionic skeleton, not only to make the diagnosis more intuitive, more accurate, even preoperative prediction, reducing the risk of surgery . "

At recently, Hunan Province "Challenge Cup Rainbow Life Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition", the contestants Hunan Railway Vocational and Technical College eloquent. After a year they strive to create a "3D printing bionic skeleton before surgery diagnostic model" eventually won the second prize in the competition, and successfully settled in Zhuzhou new impetus maker space.

Team Leader Caiwen Qi told reporters, their entrepreneurial path begins with a realistic demand-driven. A friend unexpected bone, let Cai Wenqi with the knowledge by the idea of 3D printing technology to the medical field, has thus seen the entrepreneurial opportunity.

Cai Wenqi team described as "small but perfectly formed," the team a total of seven people from different grades and majors, involving different professional background art R & D, design, marketing, financial management.

Cai Wenqi pointing to the table with a white tail vertebrae model that such a model in line cities the price is very high, and they print one-fifth the cost of a similar model effect only metropolitan market price.

Currently, the team has to start with a hospital near the school, successfully helped several orthopedic patients recover faster and better injury by doctors and patients praise.

Tan Sri Lanka team members told reporters month, through entrepreneurship, we learned when we disagree to sit down and calm negotiation, mutual understanding.

"Students Vocational College entrepreneurs have their own advantages, on the one hand is a perfect technology, on the other hand we are very aware of their position, from the trivial, not underachievement."