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What Magasins BUT can do to collides with MINGDA 3D Printer?

Date:2016-08-17 Hits:324
What Magasins BUT can do to collides with MINGDA 3D Printer?

Last week, mingda 3d printer sold Magasins BUT Group. BUT Sourcing, The BUT Group,is the No. 2 in the French market for home furniture sales, BUT Sourcing will benefit from BUT’S purchasing volumes outside Europe and BUT, large number of products require manual design, time consuming and waste material. By using 3D printing technology to replace furniture proofing tools, not only to shorten the time and reduce the cost to solve the scarcity of professional master proofing and other issues, but also widely used in sales presentations and other occasions.

Since 3D printing technology development, MINGDA continue to improve and enhance the performance of its printers, through customer recommendations and feedback, the professional and technical personnel constantly adjust and learning, MINGDA 3d printers become more and more stable, is realized industry grade,High precision, each machine constantly updated , the products get domestic and foreign customers recognition and praise. This is why more and more customers recognized 3D printer.

Now, MINGDA Support Home delivery service to Gungdong province, 24 hours online service, and of course, our professional technican will be at first time to serve you at the first time once you have inquiry. If there have more needs and suggestions, pls just leave your message to us.

So we expect Magasins BUT use mingda 3d printer to create more interesting ideas and 3D experience.