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3D printer to create a new generation of toy magnate

Date:2016-08-19 Hits:302
3D printer to create a new generation of toy magnate

In recent years, the rise of 3D smart technology with its strong stance warned the world's industrial influence 4.0 of unparalleled, will lead the global science and technology and economic models into a new climax. In the domestic field of 3D science and technology , Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co.Ltd, the representative of the new science and technology enterprises adhere to the core of intelligence, in the tradition of innovation and growth in the sound, in the "Internet +" era, and a large and high-tech data strong enter all walks of life, to become experts in different sectors of the overall solution in the transition process.

It is reported that, with the progress of economic development and the times, the traditional business model has been unable to meet the development needs of all walks of life, especially for the toy industry, innovation is the eternal theme, in order to remain in the fierce competition in the market invincible position. In response, many strong toy industry Costly introducing innovative R & D personnel, R & D focus on new toys and customization, ensure that at any time with a new look and innovative products to win customers and market recognition. However, the traditional means of research and development for the high cost of development of the toy industry product, long development cycle, and because the different needs of different customers, a lot of manpower and material resources of the products may not be able to get the customer favorite. Through 3D printing technology, the toy industry research team to be the first think of creative ideas or customer demand printing in 3D mode to sample after sample customer recognition mold making, reduce costs from the source, improve R & D efficiency, the transition from traditional mass marketing model for the production and marketing of custom mode, keep up the trend, through the use of high technology to achieve enhance brand value.