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A Wonderful 3D journey! ! ! A well-known delegation for Malaysian University visit Shenzhen MINGDA 3D Printer

Date:2016-08-22 Hits:296
A Wonderful 3D journey! ! ! A well-known delegation for Malaysian University visit Shenzhen MINGDA 3D Printer

Education is the foundation of a nation. Education and the faces of politics, economy and culture has a very close and deep nature of contact, global country or nation's survival and development has a key influence. For the country is more and more emphasis on education. Science and technology to promote the development of various educational, 3D printing technology is now also used in the school classroom. University of Malaysia students truly understand others more wonderful courses by use three-dimensional model .

As an internationally renowned 3D printer suppliers, business Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. has already sell out global. Nearly two years MINGDA already get favorite from customer , BOSCH Group , France's second largest furniture chain BUT are good examples. Facts have proved that mingda 3d printers has become a people's minds with high international product standard international brands. In this situation, recently, MINGDA ushered in a well-known professional delegation of Malaysia University of Engineering.

According to the person in charge of the project mission, on the one hand, because MINGDA had been successfully work with many research institutions, Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Xiamen University, Changchun University, Sichuan University, carried out cooperation projects; on the other hand, MINGDA3d printer in the world for its high-quality product quality, good brand image, first-class quality of service, has been very famous, which is the reason why they think mingda 3d printer is the best choose in many 3D printer manufacturers.

Accompanied by the marketing manager MINGDA Sam, the delegation visited the spirits of the company,  quiet distance contact "has long been rumored," the MINGDA 3D printer, they watched the work process, the members of the delegation who have lamented the magic of 3D printing technology, samples of 3D printing is also extremely popular, have to take a photo, showing great interest during the visit, the delegation from time to time on the 3D printer and 3D printing technology and application-related content into question . Sam also for each one made a detailed answer. The visit, the two sides reached a happy ending to a preliminary sense of cooperation, the delegation give the comprehensive strength of the MINGDA made a high evaluation.

As China's leading brand of 3D printers, the College of the Malaysia delegation visiting reflects the MINGDA 3D printer in the industry products and technology, but also demonstrated traveling abroad informed approved 3D printer status on the international market. Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely welcome more domestic and foreign institutions to visit!