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What is the process for 3D printing portraits ?

Date:2016-08-23 Hits:280
What is the process for 3D printing portraits ?

3D printing Portrait is now very hot in the gift market. from the stars to ordinary people have print a 3D print portrait as a gift. Indeed, 3D printing has other gifts Portrait unparalleled advantage. First, it is special enough, it is closely related to the gifts of the people, print is received a gift, a gift imagine so hard, who do not like; second, it is very fashion, 3D printing is a cutting-edge technology products, they will feel so cool if they receive this gift. So hot as 3D printing portrait , do you want to know how it is printed? Here to tell us about the process of 3D printing portraits.

1. The 3D scan portrait data
3D printing must be able to have the 3D print data, 3D data is like a commander, Command 3d printer how to print. 

Scan Portrait data can be get through the 3D scanner directly. MINGDA scanner to help customers scan three minutes to get, but subject to geographical restrictions, if you are not there to provide 3D scanning services, then it can not be scanned. Scan the good will have to see the scanner resolution, the higher the resolution to capture the details of the model, the better the print.

Scan when people standing on the turntable, scanning by holding the scanner is scanned against those scanned from head to toe, from the chest to the back, to be scanned can not move, move will affect scan quality. The scanner connected to the computer, the scanned data is uploaded directly to the computer, then put the data lead out on it.

2. Modeler Retouching
Usually scanned data modeler be needed retouching, since scanned data still have imperfections, such as facial deformation, there is the need to be reminded after the scan is completed, it is best to scan back and forth about who are take a picture, at the time of repair plans may need to be used. With photo modeling is already doing the map, so no need to separate repair.

3.3D print model

You can print model when the 3D perspective view of be ready, MINGDA printed using industrial-grade MD series -3D printer, print accuracy of 0.05mm. Model during printing, the first PLA in a first printing supplies, post and then color, print production of the finished surface is very smooth, of course, you can also choose any other color materials.

4. Post-processing
After the printing is complete portrait , is needed post-treatment, including standing, polishing, go pink, color, glue and matting and so on. Depending on the post-treatment materials will be different. For example, PLA material was printed out on a color glue and reinforcement, complete a glue brighter, and in order to protect the layer of matte spray paint does not fade, but also played a role in extinction. If you care about the surface texture, then you can use a knife to a little place slightly textured polished look, but not too, because the colored layer is relatively thin.

5. The printing is finished

After the above steps, the portrait printing has been completed, to get the 3D print portrait model you can give to friends . From scanning to printing is complete general few days you can get, the price of a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the material and size you need to print, what services need.