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3D Print to UAV aerial, We need to give Pupil Thumbs up

Date:2016-08-24 Hits:276
3D Print to UAV aerial, We need to give Pupil Thumbs up

Summer insufficient balance, "Student Party" the most worry is not completed thire summer homework , however, there is a " 00 "group junior partner was hooked school summer job,"   This week, the city of Suzhou Science and Foreign Language school first started more than 70 freshmen have to submit the summer job to the teacher: UAV aerial panorama campus, modeling and 3D printing small plane ...... interesting and quite a variety of alternative "technology Fan children 'job to make teachers constantly surprises.

Cute little propeller plane, cups as well as Lucky Cat ...... These small things are using 3D printers , "print" is their first day of excellence Suke foreign class boys Peng Yixuan. He told reporters that the use of Rhinoceros software, he finished on the computer modeling of various shapes, and then through the code conversion software, the "command" to convey to the 3d printer at home, a piece so small things "born" super A sense of accomplishment. "Print using polylactic acid wire, also known as PLA, comparative test technology is modeling, modeling simple cup, about ten minutes to get; many complex plane is small, I spent more than an hour below. joint activities may also want to try elephant, parts can be dismantled submarine model assembled ...... Yu "Pend said.

Fascinated by 3D printing, there are many small boys, Lin Zhe Sheng using modeling software is 3Done, Zhang Boyan is in the summer taught himself 3D Builder software, "he is accidentally discovered this software, and then little by little depth, the deeper the more interesting. "Zhang said. Three boys from AC modeling experience, they are quite hit it off.