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3D printing, Using into the homes of ordinary people

Date:2016-08-26 Hits:287
3D printing, Using into the homes of ordinary people
Chen xiao, Michelle Chen in Beijing was married on July 19, legend, and Lovers get married. In the wedding scene that respect 3D printed Maid sculpture . So, What is 3D printing technology ? What areas can be used in ?

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a rapid prototyping technology, which takes a digital computer model based on the use of powdered metal or plastic bondable material, layer by layer by way of printing to construct objects. The three-dimensional printing technology appeared in the 1990s in the United States, was named for the rapid manufacturing technology. In fact, "3D printing" is the popular name, academic name for the rapid prototyping technology, also known as increasing material manufacturing technology.

Principle of 3D printing technology

The reason why colloquially referred to as "printer" because "3D Printing" general reference to the technical principles of the printer, the hierarchical processing and ink-jet printing process is very similar. Common printer can print on flat objects computer design, and works 3d printers and ordinary printers are basically the same except that the printed material is somewhat different: the printing material ordinary printer is ink and paper, but 3D printer built with metal, ceramic, plastic, sand and so different "printed materials." When the printer is connected to a computer through a computer-controlled, can be "printed materials" layer laminated together, the final blueprint of the computer into the physical. In layman's terms, 3D printer can "print" a kind of three-dimensional objects in real device.

3D bio-printing

3D printing technology in the 21st century have sprung up everywhere, has been widely used in various fields, not when there is a new breakthrough. Currently, it covers areas including military, medical, automotive, aerospace, electronics, apparel, children's toys, and it was undoubtedly one of the most impressive applications in the medical field. According to "Beijing Morning Post" reported: Scientists have developed a revolutionary 3D bio-printing technology, which prints out "replaces human tissue" is strong enough to withstand transplant surgery. Scientists have printed jaw, muscle, cartilage and ear experiment.

2D to 3D progress, let us see the rapid development of science and technology. Technology into life is the direction of future development of industry. For 3D printing technology, we expect it to integrate and improve people's daily lives.