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MINGDA industrial 3D printer to make it’s force and led the China manufacturing advancing

Date:2016-08-29 Hits:318
MINGDA industrial 3D printer to make it’s force and led the China manufacturing advancing

Undoubtedly, today's 3D printing technology is the design industry's most popular technology. 3d printer into ordinary family, is the general trend. The picture shows a sword by MINGDA industrial 3D printer, is real industrial-grade large size.

3D printing technology, this claim to be the fourth industrial revolution engine, its rapid development, will lead the great transformation of the industrial age, the industrial 3D printer is to accelerate development and promote a new pattern of 3D printing technology will be beneficial to China in the global technology and innovation competition in the industry occupied high ground, to further promote China from a "major industrial countries" to "industrial power" transformation, promoting an innovative country, in order to accelerate our 3D printing technology innovation and industrial development and lay a solid foundation.

MINGDA as China's first professional industrial 3D printer manufacturers and R & D in the 3D printing technology has a wealth of experience and accumulation. Founded in 2009, MINGDA in the beginning of creation, the spirit of science and technology to create all vision, growing research and development efforts, the 3D printer hardware combined with the simultaneous development of the Internet, explore the ultimate user experience, technical innovation, continuous optimization product line, to become China's first brand of 3D printing! Today this award over the years is the effort to adhere to independent innovation, focus on product results

"MINGDA in 2012 independently developed the first FDM printer, and then, in 2013 MINGDA of new products available, and passed FCC / CE certification in 2014, MINGDA exports just one year, has become the most popular foreign brand industrial 3D printer. 2015 sales of up to 4,000 units in 2016 MINGDA new listing. MINGDA from the creation to the rapid development, we have been insisting to forge ahead and assiduously, focus on creating a better 3D printing technology products, over the years, by the industry and consumers and recognition, honors and achieved remarkable success, effort and dreams will also quitting.

A senior engineer of MINGDA said: "Behind MINGDA recognized, is a manifestation of the real R & D capabilities, is a visionary dream of a strong company logo, MINGDA strong R & D group, in computer programming, electronics, mechanical design and field of polymer chemistry, has a wealth of expertise and experience. team members include study abroad returnees, senior engineer and graduate students accounted for 35%, tireless efforts and struggle to develop practical new industrial 3D printer, near three years have been a number of patents. this is a strong team, MINGDA brave standard-bearer, led the ship informed the wind and waves!