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3D printing will profoundly change our business model: from manufacturing capabilities and manufacturing processes

Date:2016-08-30 Hits:278
3D printing will profoundly change our business model: from manufacturing capabilities and manufacturing processes

3D printing As the representative of the third industrial revolution in digital technology, artificial intelligence, manufacturing and application of new materials for the flag. - British "Economist"

Throughout human history, the other two are called the industrial revolution on behalf of technology, steam technology and power technology, which brings the power of a human, the other for the world light. "The Economist" 3D printing technology and the first two analogy, we can see people on 3D printing expectations. Touting 3D printing technology, must not only "The Economist." Since 1986, the American scientist Charles Hull get wide notes since the first commercial 3D printer, the concept of 3D printing on the subject in academia. The next 30 years, 3D printing experienced a time of hot dishes, but also a test of people patience. In recent years, 3D printing is being spent on the import, the first real spring, perhaps is not into place.

3D printing - the power to change the world

Print the form, print the function

Official definition of 3D printing technology may sound somewhat under appalling: 3D printing technology, also known as the increasing material manufacturing technology is based on a digital model, the bulk material layer by layer to create a new entity articles off manufacturing technology, reflects the closely integrated information network technology prior materials technology, digital manufacturing technology, is the first important component manufacturing.

Despite official defined terrifying, 3D printing is known as printing, but also with a common plane analogy from print, it prints the plane have many common features. The comparison between the two concepts line, easier to understand what is 3D printing.

Premise plane print information to be printed is formed printer-readable file or image or document or other type, then transfer the file information to the printer, after the printer Understanding the printing paper to the planar shape of formula the contents of the documents printed. Usually, printed on a plane geometry or symbols does not have an actual function, but only as the transmission of information available.