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Thousand people walked ten thousand miles only to realize the dream of 3D printing

Date:2016-09-02 Hits:292
Thousand people walked ten thousand miles only to realize the dream of 3D printing

Non-profit organizations, called "MakerGirl" traveled to the United States to bring 3D printing knowledge to each of the local people at this summer. This organization is the beginning of four students from the University of Illinois , and now has grown to more than 1,000 of the volunteers.

According to the founder of the four said that they see now society many girls thought are detained before the initiation of the idea of the founder of this organization. They traveled over 10,000 miles, and hope through 3D printing technology to inspire a new generation of young girls, and give full play to their imagination, bold creation.

The one thousand girls have gone through New Hampshire, Texas, California, Wisconsin and other places. Open cross-country trip did not stop, did not stop thinking. And now, they successfully completed on Kickstarter crowdfunding work. Now they decided to donate 13,000 US dollars and 15 sets 3D printer , to provide more girls imagination and create space.

In this world, more and more highly developed city, but on the other side of the city but still there is a backward civilization. "MakerGirl" organization with dreams and goals, to open up a new world for those who do not see the technological development of girls. The future, as "MakerGirl" has grown, more and more people contact 3D printing technology , this is a bright dream of the road.