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From 0.3mm to 0.2mm and then to 0.1mm, MINGDA 3D printer constantly conquer the high precision

Date:2016-09-07 Hits:242
From 0.3mm to 0.2mm and then to 0.1mm, MINGDA 3D printer constantly conquer the high precision

Since the 3D printer to enter the Chinese market, It’s highly valued by the government, in the strong support of the government and the prime minister Li Keqiang's strong push, the 3D printing technology has become very popular in china, MINGDA 3D printer as the first representative of the 3d printer manufacturer has become the focus of attention.

Shenzhen MINGDA as a 3D printer manufacturer, never go to the pursuit of a gimmick, take the customer’s demand as the reference point for the design of the different needs of different customers. This has been recognized by many authoritative media. The MINGDA 3D printer of entry-level of MD-16, the desktop level of MD-4C, MD-6C and the industrial grade of MD-6L, MD-6S can meet the needs of all kinds of customers.

MINGDA did not only meet the needs of customers in the aspect of applicability, but also allow customers to feel surprise in printing accuracy.

High precision has been a focus of attention of many 3D printer users , SHENZHEN MINGDA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD founded for so many years, has been actively innovation, to overcome different kinds of technical difficulties, high precision has become the shinning name card of MINGDA 3D printer, the accuracy of the 3D printer from the initial point of 0.3mm to overcome the point to 0.2mm, and then overcome to 0.1mm, the little gap, embodies the relentless pursuit of high precision of MINGDA. The accuracy of 0.1mm is the highest accuracy standard, but MINGDA has not stopped, the accuracy of the 0.05mm is the next goal of MINGDA.

Please look forward to the future, MINGDA 3D printer will utmost proof, the various purpose of 3D printing technology.