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National Day is approaching, Tiananmen Square flower beds this year to go

Date:2016-09-12 Hits:360
National Day is approaching, Tiananmen Square flower beds this year to go

About 20 days, we will celebrate this year's National Day holiday, the annual Tiananmen Square will be at this time to establish a huge theme flower beds, Chang'an Avenue to extend the line will continue to display closer to the era featured the theme of flower beds, such as along the way, Winter Olympics and so on.

According to reports, this year the construction of a high scientific and technological content of the flower beds. Not only the first use of a laser projection technology, but also all use 3D printing technology to produce.

    According to the plan, the square east and west sides of Greenland will continue the arrangement in previous years, a total of 12 styles, 18 curd and 5000 m2 with flowers decorate green. Monument to the periphery also arranged a "beginning of the heart did not forget and move on," the group of words flower bed, and arranged cypress 65.

    This year all the flower beds are used in 3D printing, previously available only on the central parterre Using this technique, the purpose is to let each flower position more accurate, more accurate pattern, so that the baskets and more vivid image. This year, all the flower beds have 3D printing, design drawings, and presented with flowers to the aircraft, the Great Wall, fruit, girl, lean on all this technology. With the rising level of science and technology, we believe this year will bring you more beautiful spectacle.