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Highly cost effective 3D Printer - MINGDA MD-4C

Date:2016-09-13 Hits:301
Highly cost effective 3D Printer - MINGDA MD-4C

With 3D printing technology is increasingly known, whether it is business or personal, we are looking forward to the 3d printer, which led to the rapid growth of desktop 3D printer market. Of course, attract more enterprises to enter the 3D printing market, will intensify competition, the market for consumer products is also increasing, but there are some who face an array of products, do not know how to choose, today we are all carefully recommend a high cost desktop 3d printers.

    This model MD-4C 3D printer is a latest FDM 3d printer manufactured by MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. , the print size is 300x200x200mm. This 3D printer based on the original linear guide, 16mm dual ball screw, full-color touch screen and other advantages of further upgrades.

    First, in appearance, MD-4C is fully enclosed structure, making the machine more constant power during printing, the ultra-quiet; secondly, the internal structure of the belt upgraded to 3M genuine belt, making printing more accurate; new power continued to print and feed off alarm function to prevent the machine during operation of a sudden power failure cause print damage.

    MINGDA launch of this MD-4C 3D printer, whether in appearance or performance fully comparable to big international line of 3D printers. However, such a high-configured 3D printer but the price is very friendly. So, do you want more information? Do you love this model? Currently, MD-4C already hot market, login MINGDA Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. Official site to buy it!