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MINGDA 3D Print TPU soles promote new developments in the footwear industry

Date:2016-09-23 Hits:295
MINGDA 3D Print TPU soles promote new developments in the footwear industry

All along, clothing, housing-related daily consumption sector is seen as "forever" and sustainable industry. Footwear industry as one of the key modules of clothing, housing, with the upgrading and transformation of people's consumption level of thinking, their requirements are getting higher and higher. Traditional shoe has a standard process, of which the sole abrasive build crucial: the designer based on the actual situation of ergonomic complete shoes Mould computer-aided design; by CNC machining, mold a generation of wooden shoes; by on behalf of the sabot mold silica gel mold turning model; use silicone mold, shoe molds made out of plaster, gypsum recycling shoes Mould be turning model, out of the metal mold soles; soles eventually by using a metal mold for injection molding, thereby making the sole bulk products . Lengthy process not only faced with high labor costs, once operational errors will have to start from scratch and other issues, modern CNC machining technology can not meet the more complex the sole production. Therefore, for the footwear industry, the traditional shoe-making process of innovation has become an inevitable development of the times.

 3D printing technologies emerge, will undoubtedly bring development opportunities for the traditional shoe-making process of innovation. 3d printer from Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. , with its high-quality, fine shaping effect become the preferred footwear industry. Unlike traditional shoe-making process, using the MINGDA faster and better 3D printer can complete shoe mold design, shoe-making enterprises to improve product development efficiency fundamentally. With modern computer assisted, R & D staff available three-dimensional graphics shoe mold, and then use the 3D printer to print directly model the system after the turn to arrive at the sole model. Compared to traditional shoe-making process and 3D print shoe-making process, the entire process has not only been greatly simplified, but also saves labor costs radically and improve production efficiency.

  As the saying goes, we are standing on the shoulders of giants to see farther. Since the last century, the concept of 3D printing technology is presented, mankind has been focused on the development and expansion of 3D technology, while the Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. as foreign & domestic 3D printer industry leader, has always been to focus on the single-minded attitude 3D R & D printer. With every technological innovation, the MINGDA 3D printers become synonymous with "quality, innovation, efficiency", not only that, MINGDA always adhere to the "quality of life" development ideas, strictly control the quality of products, with the use of good and stable and adaptability to create a better use, easier to use 3D printers for businesses services.

Now, with high-quality products, fine product positioning, high molding rate and improve the services network, MINGDA has become the preferred supplier of 3D printers and many shoe manufacturers cooperation. In the footwear industry increasingly competitive today, only adhere to scientific and technological research and development and original design in order to make brand products in the production, research and development, quality management in all aspects of the leading domestic level. MINGDA will help the footwear industry, to create a new Chinese shoe blue sky!