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3D printing makes antique vase into reality

Date:2016-09-26 Hits:281
3D printing makes antique vase into reality

For most people, it’s not a cool thing if they going to the museum but can only visit the the antique from the back of glass. Because it will be never come into our life just look at it. So connoisseur antique want to achieve an antique reproduction through”Wisdom Copy”.

What is the wisdom copy? It is the use of 3D printing technology and augmented reality technology to replicate the antique reproduction.

In this regard, in order to make 3D antique perfect presentation in front of people, Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. developed a high-quality, high-precision 3d printers, traditional industries through scientific and technical personnel can be easy to operate as long as use computer and 3D printer , it can transfer the technology thinking into visual models at first time. both in efficiency and in quality, they are perfect presents its advantages.

It is understood that Chinese antiques expert and well-known museum with the development of a scanning and modeling systems for these collections. They used CT apparatus, the collection sent to internal devices scanned. Tomographic image data collection is used to create 3D models that can be printed. Then printed out by a 3D model of the mold is made, the last in a mold made of these collections of reproductions.