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MINGDA MD-4C 3D Printer Redefining Desktop 3D Printer Machine

Date:2016-09-30 Hits:283
MINGDA MD-4C 3D Printer Redefining Desktop 3D Printer Machine

MD-4C 3D printer is considered to redefine the desktop 3D printers. It is because the difference from ordinary 3D printers on the market. For example, the single nozzle of MD-4C, compared with usual one, is with a higher precision, faster printing speed and larger printing size. Moreover, MINGDA 4C 3Dprinter is a kind of desktop 3d printer, but has 3d printer configuration industrial grade.


What is the highlight of MD-4C 3D printer in your thought?


First, looking from the exterior, we find that MD-4C 3D printer is of totally enclosed frame design, which effectively protects us from the internal temperature at work, and to prevent air convection on printing ABS or PLA model.

In addition, we can see that this 3D printer machine take all metal and stainless steel structure, which make it print without shaking, and at the same time it has high printing speed as well as high accuracy. Last but not least, MINGDA MD-4C 3D printer has 3.2inch colorful touch screen, more simple and convenient to get started for the general or a newcomer.


Compared with mingda Glitar 4C 3D printer, this new version MD-4C 3D printer adopted patent printing head as usual, and has two main updated functions, including continuing printing after power cut for 2 hours or saving printing data for 24 hours, and the function of breaking detection and so on.

Officials from MINGDA said the MD-4C 3D printer is updated greatly based on feedback from previous customer, which make this 3d printer machine popular in market. MINGDA still continues to update our 3D printer for reaching our customers’ requirement and to provide the most reasonable price 3D printer products to all of you!


Note: MINGDA has provided promotional price of most 3D printer machines for regular customers from Oct. 1st to Oct. 10th.