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MINGDA Printing ‘the Silk Road Bridge over Troubled Water’ for the Motherland on National Day

Date:2016-10-06 Hits:284
MINGDA Printing ‘the Silk Road Bridge over Troubled Water’ for the Motherland on National Day

When the National Day coming, sixty-seven years old birthday of our great motherland is approaching! At this point, Tian An Men Square and along Chang'an Avenue are decorated with colorful flowers and flags, presenting a beautiful and peaceful sight.

For the National Day, the 3D scanning and 3D printing technology have been used in the design and construction process of Tian An Men Square. Not long ago, the landscape sculpture ‘silk road bridge over troubled water’, located in east road of Chang'an Avenue, is completely set up. It’s known as this ‘golden bridge’ taking The Zhaozhou Bridge as prototype, with 28 meters length, 6 meters height and four meters width, which is a combination of nearly 20 thousands pieces of gold bricks from more than 80 countries with national flowers. At present this bridge has become famous for citizens to take pictures with poses.

In fact, the bridge is ordinary from its surface, but rich in meaning. According to the designers, the stitching of gold bricks stand for the united relationship between different countries, as well as the most beautiful things between nations. At the same time, the national flowers reflect different culture and emotional work of the people, which makes the whole bridge embody culture, peace and cooperation.

Since the moral of the bridge is so good, as a practice of 3 d printing enterprise, MINGDA also use our 3d printer to print this bridge for our great motherland. Wish our motherland a happy birthday and hope she is more and more prosperous, rich and strong!