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What a Great Invention! Friendly Alarm Function of MINGDA 3D Printers

Date:2016-10-19 Hits:421
What a Great Invention! Friendly Alarm Function of MINGDA 3D Printers

With the popularity of 3D printing technology and development, 3D printers are becoming increasingly intelligent, and closed to our daily lives. Many users of 3d printers are faced with continuously printing disaster. Filament breaking while the 3D printer is printing; materials suddenly breaking suddenly and having to change the nozzle and disassemble the whole thing, followed by the fact that you can't continue to print.


Fortunately, MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. has developed an important feature for all MD series 3D printers, which features a series of two beeps then shuts off the printing when filament suddenly breaks.


Here are some questions. What can we benefit from this function? And what should we do after machine alarm sounds off?


1. Machine will stop working and the position of heating bed will drop about 15mm when filament breaks.

2. If machine stops printing after 3d printer filament breaks, then user should not press any button in the LCD screen or switch off the eletrical power.

3. Machine will rise automatically about 15mm to the last known stopping position when the detector detects filament again.

4. This new function of our 3D printer ensures a better printing environment even though the filament breaks suddenly and the user is unconscious of it.


As a leading manufacturer of 3D printers, MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. has been maintaining the idea of scientific and technological innovation, and continuing to provide customers with high quality a professional 3D printer.