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The Rise of MINGDA Technology

Date:2016-10-21 Hits:317
The Rise of MINGDA Technology

As a leading 3 d printing enterprise, MINGDA Technology Co., LTD never stop the steps of its research and development. In order to meet different printing needs of clients, we have developed many different 3d printer with various printing size including:

                                         160 * 160 * 160 mm

                                         300 * 200 * 200 mm

                                         300 * 200 * 500 mm

                                         300 * 300 * 600 mm

                                         400 * 300 * 500 mm

and in terms of printing precision, mingda 3d printers are beyond most brands in China, reaching printing precision is 0.1 mm while X/Y axis positioning accuracy to 0.01 mm, Z axis positioning accuracy to 0.002 mm. As for intelligent features, MINGDA newest 3D printers are upgraded with two main functions: stop printing if no filament and stop printing keep printing data for 24 hours if power cut.

Since our company has been continuously researched and developed products as well as upgraded them, sales volume of our 3D printers have been rising markedly at home and abroad in recent years. Also, the number of agents are growing rapidly. 

Under such situation, an official of MINGDA said they plan to increase the intensity of development and will combine traditional industries with scientific research technology, using the advantage of China's manufacturing industry to stand firm in international market and to strive to go around 3D printing industry in the world.