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Connection between MINGDA 3D Printers and Educational Business

Date:2016-10-24 Hits:262
Connection between MINGDA 3D Printers and Educational Business

Edward Bono once said" there is no doubt that creativity is the most important resources for human. Without creativity, there would be no progress and we will repeat the same pattern forever."

MINGDA technology has to be mentioned because of its printing technology. Rich product system, norms diversity, practical function and cheap price make MINGDA 3D printers become popular in the market. mingda 3d printers have also become one of the most excellent representative products. In China, there is a closely connection between MINGDA 3D printers and education business that MINGDA has set up partnership with Xiamen University, South China University of Technology, Changchun University of Technology, Sichuan university and Wuhan Institute of Technology, etc. And MINGDA 3d printers and 3D printing technology are introduced into their laboratories.

The presence of a 3D printing is a kind of brand-new teaching applications both for teachers and for students. Actually it is also a kind of new innovation to Chinese education business. 

The future is a long way, but 3 d printing technology will bring a qualitative leap for education industry, and it will realize new breakthrough to education industry.