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MINGDA Industrial 3D Printer Also Small and Cute

Date:2016-10-27 Hits:247
MINGDA Industrial 3D Printer Also Small and Cute

     Nowadays 3D printing is very popular. Seen from the house to the car, it seems that 3D printer can print everything. However, there are still many people regard that the 3d printer machine as a big guy like machines in the factory. In fact MINGDA can also make it has a small body, such as MD-16 3D printer.


     This MD-16 3D printer belongs to FDM 3D printers. The manufacturer Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd., is committed to FDM 3D printer with their advanced R & D ability from 2009. MD-16 3D printer is the most compact and cheapest 3D printer in MINGDA and the machine weight is 15 kg while printing size 160 * 160 * 160mm.


 MD-16 3D printer is design with metal frame body and countersunk head screw. It is compact and light in appearance. Using 0.4mm exclusive patented nozzle, with the advantage of no plug, no drawing and high printing precision. It also supports SD card / USB connection. MD-16 3D printer supports the use of 1.75mm PLA filament made of corn, wheat starch and other synthetic fibers which is safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic harmless and easy to print.


     The nozzle of MD-16 3D printer achieves 0.05mm which is beyond most of small 3D printers and diy 3d printer in the market. That the printing effect can be comparable to industrial grade 3D printer. Take a look at the following sample printed by MD-16 3D printer: