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Have You Seen Private Customization 3D Printing Tableware?

Date:2016-10-28 Hits:326
Have You Seen Private Customization 3D Printing Tableware?

 Feng Xiaogang's Private Custom can round the dream for you. Vera Wang (Vera Wang) can create an unique romantic wedding dress for you. Chanel can fulfill your exclusive luxury. Tiffany can engrave your name. Yet all evidence so far suggests the private customization is no longer a luxury and the public can enjoy the treatment of it. The emergence of 3D printing technology demonstrates the arrival of personalization for private customization.

   As long as you design your desired 3D model, 3D printer can print it for you.

   As 3D printing tableware on the table, original design elements can be added into fashion through 3d printer, highly ornamental. 

   The picture above is the 3D printing tableware printed by MINGDA Technology Co., LTD. This set of tableware is printed for a tableware design company, including plates, bowls, cups, knife, fork and spoon. Through 3 d printing technology, people can watch their own design products directly, and can save the repeated mould cost.

   It is science and technology that changes life. Once powerful and unconstrained style in mind, now can be possible and realized through mingda 3d printer. It shows that customization must be the future developing direction of tableware industry.