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MINGDA 3D Printer Giving You A Different Kind of Halloween

Date:2016-10-29 Hits:285
MINGDA 3D Printer Giving You A Different Kind of Halloween

On October 31st, it is the traditional day in the world - Halloween. In each Halloween, pumpkin can be seen in every place. But do you know the origin of the pumpkin? 

Pumpkin, known as "jack-o-lanterns, is a marker to celebrate Halloween. There was a man named jack is very stingy, so can not go to heaven after death, and also can't go into hell because he makes fun of the devil. Thus, he can only roaming, carrying a lantern until judgment day. Then in order to scare these souls away on Halloween night, people use of turnips, beets or potatoes to carve scary faces to represent the jack. Later,  people found a lanterns is a better material to make pumpkin.

However, pumpkin lamp is easy to corrupt. In order to solve this problem, MINGDA Technology use their high quality and high accuracy 3D printers to print a series of plastic pumpkin lamp, which is in fashion and cool high-tech, and winning numerous customers.

If you want to have a different, unique pumpkin, MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd., can also provide you with 3 d printing service, as long as you have the STL, STEP, STP format of this 3D figures. Have a different pumpkin lamp, let you have a different kind of Halloween!