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MINGDA New Large 3D Printer Comes!

Date:2016-11-02 Hits:355
MINGDA New Large 3D Printer Comes!

   During the year of 2016, MINGDA Technology Co., LTD. Has constantly subverted 3d printer market. It is understood that since MINGDA launched the first Glitar 3D printer into market, MINGDA has been continuously researching and developing 3D printer, though five sets of MD series 3D printer were come into being. Recently, MINGDA has successfully developed a new printer with the printing size of 700 * 500 * 500 mm.


   Large Printing Size

   mingda 3d printers always win well praises on its appearance design and the internal structure from foreign and Chinese customer. The newest 3D printer, of which shape size is 700 * 500 * 500 mm, is far ahead of the international famous brand. Also, this model is popular in the advertising design companies, the construction companies, sculpture design companies and medical research.


   The Longest Testing Time for 480 hours

   It is known to all that MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. thinks highly of the printing performance of each 3D printer machine, so to meet the high requirements, this printer has been tested for 20 days (480 hours) without interruption.


   The Most Comprehensive and Practical Functions

   This 3D printer is taken the patent technology to improve the user experience with full-color touch screen, equipped with the latest advanced functions of MD series 3D printer which is stopping to work and keeping datas after power cut or filament suddenly breaks.


   Perfect After-Sales Service

   1. 15 days without any reason to return

   2. Quality guarantee for complete machine in one year

   3. Free maintenance for 5 years


   The concept of "struggle, breakthrough, innovation, cooperation, win-win" is always stressed by everyone in MINGDA. Get common progress with MINGDA!