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MINGDA Well Received 3D Printer in 2016 Canton Fair on Oct.

Date:2016-11-03 Hits:304
MINGDA Well Received 3D Printer in 2016 Canton Fair on Oct.

   The 120th China import and export commodities fair (that is the 2016 Canton fair) was unveiled in Guangzhou Pazhou on October 15, 2016. This time, Canton fair booths are more than 60000, attracting 210 countries and regions, including Asia, Europe, the United States, Africa, Australia and so on.  Nearly 30 thousands enterprises and more than 10 millions of merchants came to visit and join in it.

   MINGDA Has been attending to the fair for three consecutive years, communicating with tens of thousands of customers from home and abroad.


   With more than eight years of researching and developing history, MINGDA sticks to the idea of pragmatism and innovation. aiming at manufacturing high end 3d printer to meet the customers’ requirements perfectly. Under the efforts of the core team in MINGDA, MD series 3D printers are all in high accuracy and high quality.

   In the future, MINGDA Technology will bring more perfect 3D printers to the market, with best affordable price and easy operation.