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3D Printer Printing Tea Table & Tea Set

Date:2016-11-04 Hits:334
3D Printer Printing Tea Table & Tea Set

After the new largest 3D printer MD-755 entered the market, there are a lot people at home and board place orders with the famous supplier MINGDA because of its strong printing power.

It is said that 3D printer is able to print tableware, desks, chairs, animals, figures, building, etc. Nothing is impossible to be printed as long as you get a MINGDA 3D printer and a 3D scanner or STL file.

Recently, MINGDA technician use their MD-755 3D printer whose printing size is 700*500*500mm, to print a tea table and some tea sets. The dimension of tea set is 680*480*520mm. According to the MINGDA official, this 3D printing sample has a higher load-bearing capacity, modeling in one but not printed dividually, which can be applied to our daily life.

3D printer now is popular and strong, with widely application in educational and teaching area, LED industry, medical research and industrial manufacturing, etc. Make your life full of 3D printing and experience high-tech life.