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MINGDA Technology Welcomes 11.11 Global Sourcing Festival

Date:2016-11-08 Hits:305
MINGDA Technology Welcomes 11.11 Global Sourcing Festival

     1. When is the 11.11 Global Sourcing Festival of Alibaba?
     The sale includes 2 periods the Presale Periodand the On Sale Period. The Presale period begins 1 November 2016 (00:00:00 PDT) and ends 10 November 2016 (07:59:59 PST). The On Sale Period starts from 10 November 2016 at (08:00:00 PST) and ends at 11 November 2016 (23:59:99 PST).

2. Who may participate in the 11.11 Global Sourcing Festival?
All registered members of may participate. 

For celebrate this international shopping day, the official in MINGDA say that their company will provide the most favorable price of MINGDA MD series 3d printers for new and old customers at home and abroad. Following is a picture about our MINGDA newest 3D printers tested in the company. 

      MINGDA is well prepared for you, and how about you?

      Here wish you gain a lot from this international day!