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MINGDA 3D Printed the Moon Light for You

Date:2016-11-14 Hits:426
MINGDA 3D Printed the Moon Light for You

A nice light fixture or lamp has the uncanny ability to tie a room together, giving it warmth, a fun vibe, or whatever ambience you are seeking. 

Recently, Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co,. LTD 3D printed the moon light by MINGDA MD-6L 3d printer. The moon light is not only a piece of furniture in your home, but customizable and most excitingly of all, is like the moon that light your house.

If you’ve been intrigued by all the new smart light bulbs on the market,  the moon light seems like a strong contender among them.

Notably, and perhaps our favorite part about the moon light is can designed and 3D printed by yourself. So, if you’re not satisfied with the lampshade, you can create any number of new ones by mingda 3d printer

The base of the light is also fitted with a battery, so users have the option of using a power cable for the lamp or using it wirelessly. This feature means that you can benefit from the Lightest lamp outdoors, whether you are having a garden party, BBQ, or picnic in the park.