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Catch the Last of Supermoon with MINGDA 3D Printer

Date:2016-11-18 Hits:415
Catch the Last of Supermoon with MINGDA 3D Printer

On this Monday, a “supermoon” appeared 30% brighter and 14% larger. And it is said that another supermoon is due to appear in December.


November’s supermoon, easily the lunar event of 2016, is still hot on the agenda in the 3D printing industry and makers can now capture the moon in its all glorious proximity using a high quality and high accuracy 3d printer MD-6L.


Each month, a full moon occurs when the sun, Earth, and moon line up in, with the moon on the other side of the Earth to the sun. When the moon’s orbit brings it to its closest point to Earth, it is labeled a “supermoon,” appearing brighter and larger than usual as the giant orb circles closer to the planet. This month’s supermoon, the first seen since 1948, is also known as a Beaver Moon, because it arrives at the time of year when hunters in the Northern hemisphere would traditionally set traps before the freezing of the waters, in order to collect enough fur for winter.


MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd, as a professional 3D printer manufacturer, has used its hot selling MD-6L 3Dprinter to make many supermoon models.


If you want to bring a supermoon to your family or girlfriend, or if your prefer to see the moon at anytime especially when returning home from work, then contact us to get a mingda 3d printer.