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Super Moonlight & MINGDA Members & Promotion Activity Come with You

Date:2016-11-24 Hits:402
Super Moonlight & MINGDA Members & Promotion Activity Come with You

Here all of MINGDA members would like to wish you a happy thanksgiving day!


Recently, as the big moon came in Nov., there are so many news for the moon that it bring the 3D printed super moonlight appearance.

MINGDA is the leading brand manufacturer of FDM 3d printer with eight years history in China, focusing on research and development of 3d printing machine. So it is no doubt that MINGDA would like to print this beautiful sample for you.


After several day when MINGDA print a super moonlight for a customer, many of people came from different countries attached to MINGDA by its super moonlight. And there was a moonlight lover placed a big order for this sample and machines


Not only people outside the company but also MINGDA members are fond of the special moonlight. Yesterday, before the moonlights left from MINGDA, the team in MINGDA company has taken nice photos with them.

Last but not least, it is said that there is a promotion activity in MINGDA valid before Nov. 30th because of welcoming the coming new year.


If interested or for more details, please do not hesitate to contact MINGDA team.