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Lotus Lamps for Birthday Cake printed by FDM 3d printer

Date:2016-11-29 Hits:464
Lotus Lamps for Birthday Cake printed by FDM 3d printer

When editor-in-chief myself was a little girl, I would have many delicious food on each of my birthday party. As a kids, I did so expect the cake on that day, especially the clapping and shouting words of celebrations for me. But I never think that it will related to a lotus lamp by FDM 3d printer .

Nowadays, children, teenagers, adults and even the old will have a cake and blow out the candles on birthday. Do you know when did people have this custom?

It was said that lotus lamps for birthday cake originated in the Greek goddess of the moon. At that time, adorers of the ancient Greek goddess of the moon would insert the candles into each cakes and cookies for celebrating her birthday. 

fdm 3d printer

From then on, the Greeks would buy cakes for their children as they  thought the dream of kids would come true after doing so. The custom has been held on nowadays and almost a half of people in the world would follow it as time passes. 

It is nearly the end of this year. When the new year comes, we will together usher MINGDA birthday. 

Therefore, MINGDA has printed a lotus lamp through MD-6L FDM 3d printer in memory of the difficult time when directors set up the company and factories in the beginning.

Hope this lotus lamp will bring luck to MINGDA FDM 3d printer and all members in the next year and wish well to our customers.