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Cool 3D Printed Auto Tire to Cars by MINGDA 3D Printer Machine

Date:2016-12-06 Hits:456
Cool 3D Printed Auto Tire to Cars by MINGDA 3D Printer Machine

   What 3D printer machine can makes out? Although FDM 3d printers are popular both in developed countries and developing countries, there are still many people confused the functions of FDM 3d printer.

   Can 3D printing products be used in industry? Can 3D printer machine be introduced in schools for teaching? May I know what is biggest printing size of fdm 3d printer? Now this article will tell you the answers to the above questions.

3d printer machine

MINGDA is a professional 3D printer manufacture with advanced 3D printing technology. It is no doubt that their ability of research and development is very mature and strong. The 3D printer machine belong to MINGDA are all in high quality, high precision and high stability as well as multi functional machinery. Look back the period from establishing MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. to today, MINGDA has been doing its best to serve customers, providing affordable and high quality 3D printers to them, and also accepting OEM and ODM orders. So it can be concluded that MINGDA can make an unique FDM 3d printer machine for you if needed. Here in MINGDA, the printing size of machine is not  limited.

   Then about the functions of MINGDA 3D printer machine, there too much examples. We have sold to various customers who fall within the scope of all walks of life, such as plastic factories, shoes factories, furniture factories, decoration companies, design companies and colleges and universities, etc.

3d printer machine

3D printer machine is a kind of high-tech products which is on the stage of incomprehension, like a touch screen mobile phone in 2008. People in 2008 would not be familiar with today's mobile phones, however, people today even can not live without mobile phones. This example show that high-tech products are necessities to us, and 3D printers will be seen anywhere while MINGDA will be as the most popular brand as Iphone in the mobile phone.

3d printer machine 3

Don't you believe that? Let's watch this video in youtube as follows, in which auto tire for cars is printed by MINGDA MD series 3D printer machine with ABS filament.