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3D Printed Bike , MINGDA MD-6C 3D Printer Reaching A New Height

Date:2016-12-13 Hits:438
3D Printed Bike , MINGDA MD-6C 3D Printer Reaching A New Height

   When talking about MINGDA 3d printer machine, people's ideas towards this company are not just about the company itself any more. MINGDA MD series 3d printer machines are becoming the topic of our daily communications.

   This time, after the beautiful printing model of 3D printed auto tire, another wonderful sample, which is 3D printed bike, comes into being.

   From the MINGDA technical's words, this bike is printed by MD-6C 3D printer, which is a hot selling model in MINGDA. And about the bike, the chain is made from TPE filament while the other parts are made from PLA filament.


   In the end, editor-in-chief myself would like to share a good news to MINGDA fans, which is about a promotion activity for the coming Christmas Day. Are you excited about this spot news? Echocardiography action! Ask your contact in MINGDA about the big news on MD-6C 3D printer machine.


   Detail information about MINGDA MD-6C 3D printer machine:

   1. Fully enclosed all frame structure, ensuring stable printing inside
   2. 3.2 inch LCD screen, English and Chinese language settings
   3. Linear guide rail in X and Y axises, making it working without shaking
   4. 16mm diameter dual ball screws on both two sides and 10mm thickness of heating bed, more stable
   5. High power of machine and heating bed, faster to heat up
   6. Newest added UPS buttom, keep printing datas for 24 hours after power cut suddenly
   7. High quality and good durability of spare parts, no need to worry about breaking


   Three main advanced functions:
   1. Two beeps if no 3d printer filament
   2. Stop Working if no 3D printer filament/power
   3. Keep 3D printing datas for 24 hours if power cut