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Avoid Killing Houseplants with 3D Printed Self-Watering Planter

Date:2016-01-14 Hits:566
Avoid Killing Houseplants with 3D Printed Self-Watering Planter

You have heard it many times: a green thumb exists allowing people to take better care of their plants. What if you like plants, but have a track record of letting them die? Is there anything that can be done? Proper sunlight is one main issue behind healthy plants. And another major tip for keeping them healthy is watering them. Some people get so busy in their daily lives that even watering plants seems like a chore. For those people, who are familiar with 3D printing, there’s a new solution. This Instructable for a Self-Watering Planter can take care of your plants watering needs, while also serving as a modernist decorative item for your home or office!

Basically, it consists of a basin that keeps standing water and a cup with a perforated bottom that stays submerged in the water. The water in the basin wicks into the potting soil keeping it moist without drowning the plant. Roots need water but they can’t be submerged in it for too long or the plant will die. .In the design, with two circular cutouts in it. A larger one holds the planter cup that snugly fits a plant, and a smaller cutout is for a spout that keeps water from spilling everywhere when you fill the pot.

Next, you put your plant in the planter (make sure you choose one that’s the right size with some room to grow). Placing some pumice gravel on the bottom of the cup allows the water to stay level with the top of the gravel. This way the soil will wick up the right amount of moisture when it needs it. 

Looks like, with the help of 3D printing, you too can have a green thumb after all! The Self-Watering Planter retains this design spirit that combines useful household and everyday items with exciting designs.