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MINGDA large 3D Printer Customized for You

Date:2017-02-22 Hits:567
MINGDA large 3D Printer Customized for You

        It is heard that there are many new customized large 3d printer finished production in MINGDA. After one month hard working, much time and efforts put in R&D, these machine eventually surprises all of MINGDA fans. As some old customers said there are a strong R&D team in MINGDA. And some new fans believed that MINGDA will win more praises from the users as they knew large 3d printer are difficult to make. Although lots of manufactures have spent time and energy to design, however, they gave up the work in the end. Even there are some big size printers are available on market, but so slight that they are unstable.


        Good news here is about a batch of MINGDA customized large 3d printer machine put on market. Do not worry about its performance as the structure and design is the same as regular one, high quality, high stability and high precision.

        Here below list the printing sizes of MINGDA customized large 3D printers:

        600*600*600mm  - MD-666   (see chart 1)

        700*500*500mm  - MD-755   (see chart 2)

        500*500*700mm  - MD-557   (see chart 3)






        Printing samples:

1. Dice Cup

2. Bookshelf

        We manufactured them is for a sense of love to FDM large 3D printer machine. 

If you need, and we happen to do this job!


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