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MINGDA News - Build Your Own Home Supplies by FDM 3D Printer

Date:2017-05-04 Hits:468
MINGDA News -  Build Your Own Home Supplies by FDM 3D Printer

   A group of innovative young people from China have designed a beautiful basket and the creative MINGDA team help them to print the nice design out. Beautiful basket by MINGDA FDM 3d printer, which has handheld support, loved by many a great amount of people particularly popular in those housewives.

   3D printing products are involved many industries, including water bottle, auto tire, auto spare parts, LED light, architecture, furniture etc. At the same time, the manufacturers who mainly produce plastic products are in great demand of FDM 3d printer machine.

   Editor myself was also doing reserch in front-line of 3D printing industry in the past several months. According to the customers' feedback, most 3D printed models will be regarded as a sample before put them into mass production or as real goods in the designers hand to display to their clients. 

   However, there are some smart guys who know the application of FDM 3d printer and 3D models are not limited as common sense. Some of them are hobby lovers. They will print many fancy 3D models. One of MINGDA fdm 3d printer lover said, 'I buy 3D printer not for any professional use, but it do can help my life. I print many products for my hobby through your machine'. Some of them are housewives. They always creat many thoughts that can do a favor to their home, for example, 3D printed basket, garbage can, water bucket etc.

   These are real MINGDA FDM 3D printer, it's not only for professional use or education and office use, but it also comes to help your daily life.