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To Be A Retailer of MINGDA Industrial 3D Printer

Date:2017-06-08 Hits:233
To Be A Retailer of MINGDA Industrial 3D Printer

   There is no doubt that the shopping experience has changed dramatically over the past decade. Do you remember when you had to go to the store to buy something what you wanted? Now, nearly every retail companies have their own web sites and online stores, like amazon and aliexpress. Consumers can buy things more easily by clicking on the button.

   Given this ever-changing shopping experience, retailers around the world have to consider how to maintain relevance and how to increase their appeal to consumers. Obviously, 3D printing can play a key role in this effort.

   According to a recent investigation, 95% of consumers said they are eager to buy 3 d printing products, 79% of respondents said they prefer to spend more money at a store that provides customized 3d printer machineEvidently, consumers are becoming more interested in buying personalized products and goods that can be manufactured locally.

   As a professional manufacturer, MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. has rich experience with building industrial 3d printer. Machine is upgraded each year under the effords of MINGDA R&D team. Besides the features of high quality, high accuracy and advanced functions, the latest MD series 3d printer is of fully guide rail structure, more strong and stable. Compared with the industrial 3d printer from other factories, the prices for MINGDA FDM 3d printer are much competitve. 

   If you have any interest in reselling mingda 3d printer in your store or on your site, pls do contact MINGDA sales team. Also, OEM & ODM orders are available in MINGDA company. Sincerely welcome to your inquiry!