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Scientist recreates amazing ancient trilobites by FDM 3D printer

Date:2016-01-14 Hits:442
Scientist recreates amazing ancient trilobites by FDM 3D printer

Biochemistry professor Dr. Alan Drummond has been creating highly detailed trilobites by FDM 3D printer .

3D printing technology may represent the future of manufacturing, but it still comes in pretty handy when exploring the past. Dr. Drummond, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Chicago, has a passion for trilobites—a group of extinct marine arthropods which roamed the oceans for over 270 million years. Wanting to get closer to the extinct creatures than pictures, books and fossils would allow, he decided to collect a huge amount of visual data on trilobite anatomy, which could then be collated and turned into lifelike replicas by FDM 3D printer

3D printing a trilobite may sound like a fun project, but Dr. Drummond soon realized the challenges he would face. A quick glance at a trilobite fossil, diagram or illustration will set the alarm bells ringing for many 3D printing enthusiasts: a large number of slender limbs combined with long, protruding antennae seems like the perfect recipe for a broken 3D print. With this and other factors in mind, the biochemistry professor decided to amalgamate a number of different species within the trilobite genus, for saking the “frilly details” which would not survive post-processing, in order to create the most 3D print-friendly trilobite in history.

With creations like these, we can only hope that the professor continues to explore the world we inhabit daily: the world of 3D printing. Future developments may even include the possibility of selling designs for people to print at home. Most MINGDA FDM 3D printer users need to familiarize themselves more with 3D printing to be able to create a high quality product at home.

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